Spences Bridge

In Spences Bridge (pop. 138), explore the magnificent Thompson River, farm fresh cuisine and an impressive array of wildlife. The Spences Bridge stretch of the Thompson River is a world-renowned location for steelhead trout and salmon fishing. Sports fishermen visit the area in late summer and fall. There is gold in Gold Country! The sound of rushing water, as you fill your pan with gravel and sand, as you think of all of those pioneers and settlers who came through this region to seek riches during the Gold Rush. Seeing fish leaping out in the waves, eagles circling overhead and deer coming down from the mountains to drink the cool water are some of the wildlife experiences you may have while trying your hand at panning. Fruits and vegetables have been grown in the area for generations, and are sold at fruit stands and farms during the summer months.

Gold Country Merritt
Gold Country, photo credit: Explore Gold Country