Enderby (pop. 3,000) is small as far as cities go. Deep in the heart of the Thompson-Okanagan Region, in the vacationer’s paradise called the Shuswap, Enderby marks the spot where the Shuswap Highlands meets the Okanagan Basin, creating a lush mountain landscape, ripe for adventure. Whether you approach Enderby from the north or the south, you’ll know you’ve arrived when you spy the Enderby Cliffs standing, like sentinels, above the valley. The Shuswap River curls like a ribbon through the valley’s forests and fields. Between Mabel and Mara Lakes it connects our communities, breathing life into our agricultural lands and creating a natural playground just waiting to be explored. Steal moments away from your everyday life, reconnecting with family, friends and yourself, on the Enderby Cliffs’ sunny slopes, under a blanket of stars at our drive-in or over a glass of cool climate wine, found only in our neck of the woods.